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A grand piano is a substantial piece of furniture, and when we think of the home where a grand might go, we might imagine the opulence of lavish estates like the following:



However, some pianists who relish the resonance and sound of a grand luxury piano sometimes live in more modest spaces but they can still accomplish a wonderful living arrangement by decorating with the instrument in mind, rather than trying to shove a big addition into an already full room. Many decorators and homeowners have managed to find beautiful ways to incorporate grands and baby grands into normal sized rooms, like the ones that follow.

This little white baby grand is a perfect example of blended unity.




Here is one example in a small traditional living room in a house or apartment



Here is an example of a successful contemporary living room.



And an eclectic and cozy room that looks perfectly happy with a baby grand included.



In the parlance of interior designers, there are definitely principles and elements involved to accomplish the goal.  By choosing furniture that is scaled and in proportion to the room, (the smaller the room, the less furniture or smaller scale) and including the choice of piano in the style and theme of the home décor, the instrument can become a focal point but balanced with the rest of the design elements of the room.  Most people think of a flat TV or a fireplace as the focal point, but as you can see in the photo above, it can be a balancing act.

Decorators and designers, when they work, consider space, pattern, lighting, texture, color and line in order to unify the room’s style and theme.  It is this kind of visual attention that gives harmony to a space.




Obviously there is another solution for small rooms, and that can be vertical, or upright pianos.  No longer the stepchild of the grands, some of the upright luxury pianos of today have the performance values of concert grands, and every bit as much styling and décor oomph.

In the photo below, you can see how this upright has become the focus of a decorative wall of art objects, a decorated piano, so to speak.  Because the instrument is so cleverly integrated, it actually enlarges this small room.  If you considered putting a white upright in this room, you might add some livelier color and texture values.  I can see it with a white piano, like the Sauter Concert below, for example. And the room punched up with brighter pillows.




Upright pianos have always been space savers, and used to be relegated to “lesser than” in quality and performance, but that is no longer true.  Uprights have found their own in design and can be counted among the designer pianos of the new wave of contemporaries.

Here’s another example of a decorated piano that totally owns its space, below, in the southwest house makeover done by Jenny Komenda.  The upright piano is not only integrated into the room, but looks so at home you can almost hear it playing.





Sometimes a grand piano is just so beautiful that it begs to have a designer or homeowner fashion the space to spotlight and celebrate it.  The jewel in the crown.

Expensive pianos come in many shapes and sizes.  Anyone who has recently shopped for a new grand piano for sale  knows that the European piano makers have turned the industry on its ear with  a bonanza of exciting and ingenuous designs.  The best place to buy a piano these days is on an online piano boutique (like Euro Piano Naples) who specializes in uber quality, high end designed instruments that are world famous and extraordinary.  They cannot be found in your local piano stores because most of them are custom handcrafted and shipped from Europe directly to your door.

The lightness of a Plexiglas piano, for example, stirs the imagination in any number of ways.




The new shapes and colors of pianos are inspiring architects and designers alike.


Bluthner Model PH



With today’s instruments, the buyer can customize many of the grand pianos with an array of decorative choices, including rare woods, stone inlays, gems, paintings, graphics, LED lights, custom colors, and more.




Only the imagination is the limit for what can be done today.  It’s fun to imagine what you can do with pianos this outstanding and avant garde.  Obviously this Schimmel would be most at home in a super modern room, right?


Schimmel Pegasus


This room comes to my mind.


And what about this fantastic Fazioli?


Fazioli Aria


I could see it sliding comfortably into this dynamite Ferdavioli  loft.



The way we see it, every yacht should have a designer piano:


Bluethner Lucid Hive


Imagine this Bluethner Lucid Hive piano aboard the superyacht designed by Zaha Hadid, below.



Let us not forget public places where music is enjoyed.


Bluethner Glass Piano


The LED-lit Bluethner would be a happy addition to the Romeo Hotel in Naples, don’t you think?



Hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants, corporate buildings, and any other place where people might enjoy music and the visual delights of a designer piano would relish these new models.  Consultations on request.





Euro Piano Naples, a world-renowned distributor of European designer pianos, has company origins dating back to 1965.  Its innovative online boutique, caters to designers and consumers seeking the best, and offers the zenith of luxury instruments, including its own newly designed acrylic piano, The Aire.  Based in Naples, Florida, Euro Pianos Naples is a community leader actively engaged in artistic and commercial affairs, sponsoring a series of grand piano concerts featuring world class pianists.


The Aire, designed by Euro Pianos Naples

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