There are a few piano builders who handcraft extraordinary instruments – pianos so well made that they have surpassed all others in performance and virtuosity. Brands such as Fazioli, Bluethner, Bosendorfer, C. Bechstein, Grotrian, Steinway & Sons made in Hamburg Germany (as opposed to New York), Steingraeber and Sauter. These piano brands are lauded as Top Tier performance brands, infinitely higher quality than the mass-manufactured pianos with the more familiar sounding names. It stands to reason that these European pianos are proportionally more expensive.


A true connoisseur demands the piano’s musical magic be reflected in the exterior case. A piano should satisfy the eye as well as the ear. European piano builders work with designers to create exquisitely unusual piano cases.

Custom pianos or luxury pianos feature interesting piano motifs, using rare woods, gemstones, metals, glass, intarsia, paintings, mirror, acrylic —an almost limitless array of bespoke art case pianos and benches.

Given that a truly spectacular piano purchase is likely to occur only once in a lifetime, it seems entirely appropriate to celebrate by personalizing the piano in some small discreet or entirely extravagant way!


Fazioli, which is one of our favorite brands, offers a vast choice of elements.


Fazioli Extraordinary Wood Piano

Fazioli Unusual Warm Wood Piano

The remarkable beauty and versatility of warm wood inlays and mother of pearl, (above) is just a striking option.

Fazioli California Walnut Piano

Rare and exotic woods and briers like this California Walnut (above) or Amboina, (below) are popular choices. Some prefer only the music rack or the inner rim in an exotic wood, others choose to do the entire piano.

Amboina Wood Piano

Traditional ebony polish can be customized by adding contrasting woods or an inscription. Essentially there is no limit to the imaginative touches available.


Traditional Ebony Polish Piano


Below is a Fazioli customized with a silver plate. Painting the soundboard a different color is also a discreet way to make the piano uniquely yours.


Fazioli Piano with Silver Plate

Fazioli also makes an 18K Gold Leaf piano.

Fazioli 18K Gold Leaf Piano


Fazioli Marco Polo Red Piano


And the Fazioli Marco Polo (above) specifically with a hand painted reproduction of a Canaletto painting celebrating the connection between Venice, Italy and China, the client’s country.

For the adventurous, piano cases can take different shapes, like the Schimmel Pegasus (below).


Schimmel Pegasus Piano


Or the Bluethner PH (below)

Bluethner PH Piano


The acrylic or lucid Bluethner Hive (also available in white) is simply stunning.


Bluethner Hive Lucid Piano


The ultimate luxury piano, the most unique piano and also one of the most expensive pianos is the newly unveiled Aria by Fazioli – an artful combination of traditional ebony polish atop a curved metal belly balanced on a silver pedestal with leather inserts.

The Ultimate Luxury Piano Aria by Fazioli


Gergely Bogani, an important classical pianist, built what has been dubbed the “Bat Piano” (below). Made of carbon fiber, this piano took 10 years, 8000 hours and a million pounds to complete.


Bat Piano Extraordinary


There is evidence of a continued trend towards futuristic pianos. Architect Daniel Libeskind, in collaboration with German piano manufacturer Schimmel designed this prototype.


Futuristic piano


Piano as a work of art

Interior designers and clients with a love of art are drawn to these designs and enhancements. A European designer piano is not solely for the creation of music, we respectfully submit that pianos can be viable and joyful pieces of visual art. Pianos are also no longer limited to those that can play; today’s player pianos make it so simple to operate the player system wirelessly. Thus the traditional parlor piano of yore has come of age as a magnificent work of art, a source of musical entertainment, a worthy treasure indeed these designer pianos!



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