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Steinway & Sons pianos are a well-known brand, that is usually associated with the American culture. Not many are aware, that the company was established by the Steinweg family, German immigrants. In 1850, the family changed its name to Steinway. The Steinway factory was opened in 1853. During the early years they operated out of several locations in Manhattan. Today the main production lines are in Astoria, NY and Hamburg, Germany.

The American Steinway is quite different from the German Steinway. High quality German Renner actions (used by Tier 1 manufacturers such as Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Fazioli, Schimmel, etc.) are standard on the Hamburg Steinway.

Read about the differences between the New York and Hamburg Steinway here:

Euro Pianos Naples carries a large selection of premium pre-owned  New York and Hamburg Steinway pianos at a fraction of the cost of new. The popular models B, M and S, are always in stock. Our Steinway pianos carry a five year warranty.

Differences between new Steinway Pianos and pre-owned/rebuilt Steinways:

  • Seasoned woods, glues, hammers etc. - ensure a piano is properly "matured".  There are no surprises. The tonal quality and responsiveness of the action simply "is". What you hear/see is exactly what you will enjoy for years to come.  
  • Professional restorations by master technicians are done using Steinway New York, Steinway Hamburg or genuine German Renner action parts. 
  • World renowned pianist Glenn Gould chose a 15 year used Steinway above all. Mr. Gould's 1955 recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations remains the bestselling solo-instrumental classical album ever made. Katie Hafner's new book: A Romance on Three Legs (McClelland & Stewart) chronicles Gould's obsession with this amazingly responsive Steinway & Sons piano.
  • Steinway's 2010 Annual Report confirms pre-owned Steinway pianos continue be fierce competition for the sale of new Steinway pianos. In that same Annual Report, Steinway (whose New York made pianos are ranked as Tier 2 instruments) also acknowledges the exceptional quality of Tier 1 instruments such as Bösendorfer, Bechstein and Fazioli pianos.  
  • The University of Virginia in the market for a slew of new pianos, opted to purchase used Steinways over new This resulted in remarkable savings without compromising quality of tone or touch. 
  • New Steinway dealers will always insist that new Steinway pianos are the best.
  • New Steinway dealers insist a Steinway piano will appreciate in value.  That is simply never the case unless the piano is a limited edition instrument or has been owned by a celebrity.  There are quite simply always too many pre-owned instruments circulating to make this plausible. Steinway is the best marketed piano for sale today.   

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Steinway Piano Florida

Steinway Piano Florida

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