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Sauter Piano Model Pure White

Sauter Model Pure White Upright Piano

Sauter Pure White features a milky white lacquer and natural finish wood for the keyboard box. The effect is a stunning modern simplicity with the eco-vibe of the green generation.

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Pure White.

Sauter Pure White Upright Piano is a twin of our Sauter Pure Ebony but they could not be less like each other.

The metal details on Sauter Pure White are matte which allows the metal to blend into the wood of the keyboard box. The mette finish on the pedals doesn’t not accentuate the lower part of the piano thus allowing it to convey a sense of air and light.


The natural wood finish is a stunning contrast to the smooth and silky white of the piano’s body. The combination has a rustic flavor giving it a touch of countryside allure.


Ideal for your chalet in Gstaad it will be just as much at home in any country-inspired interior. With its high-tech/low-maintenance charm it will warm up your room and stir many a conversation.


Sauter Pure White Upright Piano is created for the lover of piano, laconic design and natural surfaces that remind us that we are all children of Earth.

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Product Photo Gallery

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