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Pre owned used pianos for sale


As everyone looking for a piano knows, the world is awash in pre-owned pianos looking for a new home. Some are lovely, some not so much. Most are good quality, if not a little mundane. Only very rarely is there a truly exceptional pre-owned piano to be had.

We are regularly presented with opportunities to sell pre-owned pianos.  We turn them down; our passion and expertise is in new designer pianos. That being said, from time to time, an exceptional piano is brought to our attention, one that we just can’t resist sharing with you.

When that happens, we investigate the source and the piano’s provenance. We carefully evaluate the quality and workmanship of the original build and any restorative work that may have been performed. If the piano passes our muster, we showcase this intriguing pre-owned piano on our website.

Our passion is to connect people to the piano of their dreams. The dream might be an important custom piano design mirroring the architecture of a landmark building, or a limited edition superyacht grand piano gracefully balanced on a pedestal, or an invisible transparent baby grand with a custom floating soundboard, or an impeccably preserved, rare, pre-owned instrument with a pedigree and provenance deserving of your attention.

Browse our website to find the piano of your dreams.

Bechstein A190 (2005)