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Luxury Pianos For Superyachts

A superyacht with a grand piano is the ultimate expression of wealth and personal style.  The choice of the piano that accompanies you on your sea journey should make a strong statement of who you are.

Every piano you see on our site can be installed on a yacht.  We recommend you shed any constraints of color, shape or design. Your piano can blend seamlessly or make a bold design statement.  The choice is yours. You may rest assured that we will deliver your piano safely.

We leave you with one of our favorites: the limited edition M Liminal originally designed for a yacht by Philippe Gendre and NYT Line. This piano was delivered via crane to a seashore penthouse in Naples, Florida.  Enjoy our video of that special day. 

Pianos for Yachts
Interior design Renée Gaddis Interiors
Photography:  Raniero Tazzi