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Schimmel Pianos X

Wilhelm Schimmel began making the Schimmel piano in Leipzig in 1885, and while interrupted by two World Wars and the Depression, the company rebuilt with a strong reputation for quality. Today, 500 Schimmel concert grands and 2,500 verticals per year are made and the company is one of Europe’s most prolific piano makers.

Among European piano makers, Schimmel was a pioneer in the use of computer-aided design and manufacturing. The company has used its Computer Assisted Piano Engineering (CAPE) software to research, design, and implement virtually every aspect of making a piano, from keyboard layout and action geometry to soundboard acoustics and scale design. Schimmel maintains that the combination of CNC machinery and handwork leads to better results than handcraftmanship alone. Schimmel also believes that precision is aided by controlling as much of the production process as possible. For that reason, Schimmel produces its own piano-cabinet components and its own keyboards, which it also supplies to other German piano makers.

For a number of years, Schimmel has organized its model lineup into two principal categories: Schimmel Konzert (K-models names) and Schimmel Classic (C-model names). The purpose of the Konzert series is to expand the Schimmel piano line upward to a higher level of quality than previously attained. The Classic series consists of the rest of the verticals, the 6′ model 182 grand, and the 6′ 10″ model 208 grand. This series represents time-tested models that are solid, traditional, high-quality instruments, but without all the latest refinements.