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Designer Pianos for Your Home

Whether your residence is a peaceful haven to escape the din of the world, or a bustling home that dotes on entertaining guests and visitors, the ambiance and the aesthetics remain equally important. The principles of design and balance will be applied regardless of the end use.

Designers get a sense of their clients’ lifestyles before they choose furnishings and the all-important piano for the space. Homeowners often have an instrument in mind without any outside help, simply because the designer pianos available today are so unique and can be customized in ways that suit a space so perfectly that the piano seems to be integral to the home.

If you haven’t availed yourself of the lavish choices today, you should browse through the models here and let your imagination go wild.

Whether it’s  the latest Fazioli fantasy piano, the magnificent ARIA (below) sitting majestically on its metal pedestal like a starship or spacecraft from Star Wars – just imagine how this would look in a sleek, modern luxury home!

At the other end of the spectrum, think how the crystal AIRE piano, a baby grand that appears to fairly float on air, would catch the light and create the sparkle that might give your living room that unique and charming music center of your dreams.

Short on space or disinclined to let a grand piano dominate the room?  No problem.  The magnificent designer uprights available today will snuggle into almost any size room, but with zing and style, not the old fashioned brown upright of yesteryear.  Take a look at the designer Sauter uprights—the Pure Black or the Pure White, the RONDO or the VITREA.

Ask for a free consultation and we can direct you to your heart’s desire and would love to see you find the piano of your dreams.