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Traditional Grand & Baby Grand Pianos for Sale

The reasons for the preference which most people show for a Grand to an Upright piano are probably aesthetic and psychological. A classical baby grand piano looks better in a room, and the pianist is more favorably impressed by the “view” when he sits down to play a Grand, compared with an Upright, which usually stands with its back to a wall. Another advantage is that the top, when raised, deflects the sound to player and room.

In a domestic environment, you may prefer a smaller baby grand piano, around 5′ to 6′, that has a colorful tone and wide projective range, or a 7′ grand that is more focused, subdued and gentle, yet has more depth and a more natural bass. The sound of baby grand pianos can get lost in large open rooms where a medium grand in a small room can be too loud. Remember, it is personal, subjective and only you know what’s best for you.

Euro Pianos Naples offers choices in all sizes of Baby Grand pianos to full-size Concert Grands, with some economy models like “The Aire” being a great find for modern dwellings without a lot of space.

Upright pianos have come a long way, and for the small space, the teaching studio or the beginning piano, Euro Pianos Naples has some of the savviest vertical pianos with performance and quality akin to grands.