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Euro Pianos Naples – a 21st Century Piano Store

Welcome!  We are not your typical piano store. 

Traditionally piano stores invite customers to choose from row upon row of black and brown pianos that may have been on the floor for years, rental returns, “as is” pianos, scratch and dent pianos, barely functioning trade ins, etc.

eBay and other on-line merchants sell more of the same, typical, traditional pianos in various states of disrepair. Rarely, if at all, are there sensational piano finds to be made shopping in the traditional way.    

We broke with tradition to provide a truly VIP piano buying experience.  We assist discerning clients in finding the ultimate in rare and unusual pianos - modern, high performance works of art.

Schedule a consultation with our professionals in the comfort of your home, your office or at our elegant north Naples showroom.  Share your aspirations over a glass of wine or gourmet coffee.   

Let us present you with options for your consideration. Select from brands such as Fazioli, Sauter, Schimmel, Bluethner, Schulze Pollmann, Bogányi, Petrof, August Foerster or Bechstein  etc.   Cutting edge European pianos comparable to Hennessey, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Tesla, or Porsche. 

Specialty models available at Euro Pianos Naples include the limited edition M. Liminal, Ambiente, Pegasus, 24 Carat Gold Leaf, Otmar Alt, Ferrari Rosso and Lucid Hive to name but a few.  Searching for something even more prestigious? Our experts can assist in designing a bespoke piano that is unique to you alone.    

Fazioli remains our flagship line.  Increasingly the "piano of choice" at important international piano competitions, Fazioli is arguably recognized as the finest piano being manufactured today.  Click http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/last-minute-switch-to-fazioli-piano-nets-7500000-first-prize-402671.php to read about the February 2015 National Miami Chopin Piano Competition. 

Experience Fazioli by attending one of our signature in-store performances or by playing the Fazioli concert grand yourself.  Simply call to arrange a private appointment. Fazioli grand pianos are also available for select hi-profile events. 


Gisela, Sunny, Sergei, Raniero, Milana and Samantha. 

Consultation also available in Italian, Russian, Spanish and German. 


12980 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 1

Naples, FL 34110


Visit Our North Naples Showroom

Imperial Plaza
975 Imperial Golf Course Blvd.,
North Naples, FL 34110